Here is a list of five biometric replacements that are in the works to replace your password someday.

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  1. Your heartbeat.  Everyone is unique, so a company is developing a wristband that can recognize your heartbeat to verify your identity on any WiFi device.  So your computer would only turn on for you, and your front door would unlock as you walked up.
  2. The shape of your ear.  A smart phone touchscreen could scan your ear and recognize you like the current fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S.
  3. Your gait.  The way you walk is unique also, so development is in progress for a computer to analyze your speed, balance, and rhythm to figure out who you are.  Since your mobile device is always on you, it would not require you to stop and verify your identity before you use it.
  4. Your typing style.  There are ways to identify people by analyzing their typing style, so a computer could require you to type a certain phrase before it unlocks.  That's a lot like a password, but at least you don't have to remember anything.
  5. Your face.  Samsung's new Galaxy already has facial recognition software.  It is not very good yet, but someday you will be able to unlock your phone just by holding it up in front of you.