We all know the main use for lube is to get your jollies by yourself or make sex have a little less friction, but here are eight other uses that bottle of joy can be used for.

Here are the eight other uses according to She Knows.com:

  1. Stops Chafing.  If you are an athlete, silicone lube can be used to stop chafing on your nipples and inner thighs.
  2. Break in new shoes.  Lube is great for avoiding blisters with new shoes.
  3. Shine your shoes.  You can also keep new leather shoes looking good by polishing them with lube.
  4. Moisturize dry skin.  Lube can be used as a massage oil or hand moisturizer just like body lotion.
  5. Fix your hair.  Silicone lube can tame hair flyaways and even add a nice shine to it too.
  6. Get a stuck ring off your finger.
  7. Loosen a doorknob or a lock.  Just slip a drop of lube on the key before sliding it into the lock.
  8. Fix your bike and other household items.  In a pinch, lube can be used on bicycle chains, hair clippers, small appliances, and to protect against rust.

So there are a few more uses you can find for your lube if you are ever in need and have nothing else around the house.