A jury awarded a farm worker permanently injured in a farming accident $4 million for damages and pain and suffering.

According to the Huntsville Times, the accident happened almost 5 years ago to a man named Gerald Lymon in Alabama.

He was working with another man digging post holes for a fence using a tractor attachment to dig the holes.

The other man was driving while Lymon held the attachment steady, when all of a sudden the bit hit a solid piece of ground which caused Lymon to lose his balance.

The drill got caught on his pants around his crotch and the pull of the machine yanked at his pants and pulled the skin off his genitals.

Lymon sued over his, "skinned genitals." He argued that the company had not created a safe work environment.

A jury agreed and he was awarded $4 million in damages.

There is no word on how life has been for him without skin on his genitals.