If you have ever eaten and then an hour later found yourself raiding the refrigerator, here are the foods that were probably the culprit.

According to ABC News, here are the 11 foods that make you hungrier:

  1. White bread.  It makes your insulin levels go up, which can make your body think it needs more sugar.
  2. Fruit juice.  It's so sugary that it causes a sugar spike in your blood, and then a hard crash afterwards.
  3. Salty snacks.  A lot of times your body will compensate by craving something sweet.
  4. Fast food.  It's so salty you can get dehydrated, and sometimes that can cause stomach pain that feels like a hunger pang.
  5. Alcohol.  It tends to reduce levels of leptin, a hormone that makes you feel full, and it can deplete your body's energy reserves, so you crave carbs.
  6. White pasta.  It's so full of carbs that it can cause insulin spikes, and those can make you feel hungry, just like with white bread.
  7. MSG.  It messes with your hypothalamus and causes big increases in your appetite.
  8. Sushi.  It's mainly white rice, so it has the same effect as bread or pasta.
  9. Artificial sweeteners.  They make your body think it's about to get something it can use for energy.  But they have no calories, so then you just crave sweets.
  10. Kids cereals.  They're so high in sugar that they can cause spikes and drops in insulin and blood sugar levels throughout the day.
  11. Pizza.  It messes with your hormones, your blood sugar levels, everything.  It's because everything in a pizza is processed.  So if you made a pizza from scratch with fresh toppings and whole wheat dough, you'd be all right.