The "James Bond" theme is a great song, but it is not so great it would make me cream my jeans, but for one guy in Canada, it is.

According to the National Post, a 45-year-old man in Toronto has a very rare condition called synesthesia that he developed after he suffered a stroke in 2007, and he is only the second case ever diagnosed.

Synesthesia causes the affected person to have one stimulation trigger another stimulation in the brain.

So for the unnamed man, when he hears the "James Bond" theme, he feels "orgasmic." It also happens with other music that has high-pitched brass instruments also.  And not only that but when the man sees any words written in light blue, he gets nauseous.

Neuroscientists in Toronto are working with the guy to get more insight into synesthesia and to get a better understanding of it.