In this episode of You Think You Know Metal?, we explore everyone's favorite Scumdogs of the Universe with a closer look at GWAR!

Ever heard of Death Piggy? Even if the answer is no, you're already a fan if GWAR is in your personal sonic library. When GWAR first started touring, they group couldn't afford a luxury bus. Instead they tricked out a classic yellow school bus to accommodate their bizarre needs. of which you'll learn all about in this clip.

Did you know late Ministry guitarist Mike Scaccia almost became a member of GWAR? However, instead of joining himself, Scaccia recommended another musician close to him to fill the spot. Additionally, one former Scumdog wasn't into metal before becoming a GWAR member, flat out refusing to check out bands such as Metallica and Slayer.

Ever catch GWAR on daytime talk television? The band made now-legendary appearances on The Joan Rivers Show and The Jerry Springer Show. You'll find clips from both TV shows in the video above, and believe us, they're not to be missed.

You Think You Know GWAR? Test your knowledge of the intergalactic metal heroes in this edition of You Think You Know Metal? Also, be sure to check out more Loudwire exclusives with GWAR below!

Script by Ed Rivadavia; Narration by Tony LaBrie; Video Editing by Paul Brasil.

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