We heard yesterday about Danny DeVito's run in with a monkey on the set of Batman Returns. So it's time for a Yes Or BS quiz about random celebrity injuries.

  1. Ben Stiller got bitten on the chin by a ferret.
    1. Yes - During the filming of Along Came Polly a ferret latched onto his chin and he ended up having to get a rabies shot.
  2. Reese Witherspoon got a black eye while filming Water For Elephants from Robert Pattinson.
    1. BS - She didn't get on from Pattinson, but did show up in public with a black eye. Only she got it because she was hit by a car while jogging in Santa Monica.
  3. Halle Berry almost choked to death during a sex scene with Pierce Brosnan.
    1. Yes - It was during the filming of Die Another Day. Brosnan feeds her a fig in bed and she started to choke on it. He was about to give her the Heimlich maneuver (naked), but she ended up coughing it up.
  4. Jim Caviezel got struck by lightning while playing Jesus on Passion of the Christ.
    1. Yes - And an assistant director got struck TWICE. They did both survive.
  5. Tom Cruise injured his ankle by kicking a guy in the groin over and over again.
    1. Yes - The first Jack Reacher movie from 2011, he had to do so many takes for this one shot, his foot ended up swelling up.