There's usually at least one incident a school year that sticks out from most. I was actually talking with a co-worker yesterday who, despite all of his accomplishments in high school, is known for one of these random occurrences. Nothing bad mind you. It's actually kinda cool.

And it got me thinking about my high school years and the kind of things that happened. They usually were something involving someone getting in trouble. I can neither say I was not not involved in any of these incidents, but here are a few:

  • You usually get a day off of school if it snows or because of weather. Well, we got a day off of school because someone, or a group of someones went in the middle of the night and flatten tires on all the school buses.
  • I went to a way over crowded school. I think it was built for about 1000 students. We had almost 1500 when I graduated. So the hallways were already crowded and difficult to get around between classes. Something that didn't help was that at the end of one of the smaller hallways leading to the main hallway, someone had stuck a very graphic pic from a porno mag on the clock.