Babe Ruth made his Major League debut 102 years ago today. How well do you know the Sultan of Swat?

  1. He had no home runs his first season in the majors.
    1. Yes - He started out as a pitcher and only had 10 total at-bats that year.
  2. He never played in an All-Star game, because they didn't have them yet.
    1. BS - The first All-Star game was in 1933 and The Babe went two-for-four with a home run. He played in the 1934 All-Star game as well before retiring in 1935.
  3. He only had 11 home runs in 1918, but still lead the majors.
    1. Yes - Ballparks were much bigger back then, and the ball was softer. Plus the season was shortened because of World War One.
  4. He was born in Boston, three blocks from where Fenway Park is now.
    1. BS - He was born in Baltimore, three blocks from where Camden Yards is now. And his dad died in a fight outside a bar that was two blocks from the stadium.
  5. He would have hit even more home runs in his career, but he ran into a concrete wall during a game in 1924, knocking himself out and missing half the season.
    1. BS - He did run into a wall and was out for about five minutes, but a doctor poured ice water on his face. He stayed in the game and went 3-for-3 with two doubles. That was during the first game of a doubleheader. He played in the second game that night as well.