I know it's a little early to talk about this sort of thing but let's be honest is there ever a bad time to talk about haunted places?

I have done a little research and it appears there is a place called The Barn Door Steakhouse that is supposedly haunted, ever been, had an experience?

On that note have you ever had an experience that you can't explain?  I will have to say that I have, when I was a teenager I was in the house that my great grandmother past away in and there was a moment that I was upstairs and out of the corner of my eye I will swear to this day that she was there just watching, it didn't scare me or freak me out but I will swear it was her.

So has anything like this ever happened to you or have you ever been somewhere that was supposed to be haunted and you had an experience you can't explain?

I have been to many haunted sites and have never had any experience and it's certainly not that I don't believe, maybe I was just there on a bad day.

What places do you know of that are supposed to be haunted that you can share?