It was 47 years ago today one of the biggest conspiracies ever, was created by the US Government. Man "walked on the moon." I'm kidding about the conspiracy thing by the way. If you believe the conspiracy theories, strap on your foil hat and test your knowledge of the moon landing with this Yes or BS.

  1. It took the Apollo 11 spacecraft over three weeks to fly from the Earth to the Moon.
    1. BS - It only took about four days. They launched on July 16th, touched down on the surface on the 20th, and were back on Earth by July 24th.
  2. The quote on the plaque they left on the Moon specifically said an AMERICAN was the first person to get there.
    1. BS - It said "Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon." And the last line was, "We came in peace for all mankind."
  3. The switch to ignite the engine to get them OFF the moon broke. So Buzz Aldrin just jammed a pen in the hole where the switch used to be, and it worked.
    1. Yes - The NASA scientists back on Earth were struggling to come up with a solution. And it was starting to look like Buzz and Neil Armstrong might be stranded there.
  4. The astronauts had to be in quarantine for three weeks when they got home, just in case they brought back any Moon germs.
    1. Yes - Richard Nixon went to welcome them home, but he had to talk to them through the window of an airtight trailer they were in.
  5. Armstrong paid $50,000 for a $10 million insurance policy before the mission.
    1. BS - He couldn't afford insurance, so he and the other two astronauts signed a bunch of autographs for the families. They knew if they died, they'd be worth a lot of money.
  6. All three astronauts had issues with excessive flatulence during the trip.
    1. Yes - Apollo 11's hydrogen gas filters didn't work, so all their drinking water had hydrogen bubbles in it. That's what caused the smell. Michael Collins (the third astronaut) said in his autobiography that is was like a, quote, "mixture of wet dog and marsh gas."
  7. Richard Nixon's speech writer wanted to write a speech in case the astronauts died, but Nixon wouldn't let him.
    1. BS - He did write a speech in case the astronauts didn't make it back. The opening line was "Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace."