Are you a straw person? I have to to have a straw with every drink. Water, tea, soda. Even my coffee at work, I use the stirrer as a straw. At restaurants they typically give you straws with whatever you order to drink but at home it is entirely up to you to have them or not.

You will almost always see me with my Yeti and lid with a straw in it no matter where I am. So you can definitely say I am a straw person.  Imagine my surprise when I'm at Rosa's one day and go for 1 of their infamous pink straws and realize they are no more.

The pink straw had been replaced by a paper one. I didn't know what to think. I had truly only encountered it on cruise ships. They did away with plastic straws right after the pandemic. I had to get used to the paper ones but that was only when we would go on vacation. And not only do they have paper ones, they also switched to edible straws. I have no complaints on that one. lol

But the paper straw does take some getting used to. It gets soggy right away, tears easily and gets yucky after awhile. I get it. No doubtt they cost less and are 'better for the environment but it will definitely take some getting used to.

Other than some Rosa's Cafes, which other restaurants in Midland/Odessa have switched to paper straws?

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