Just how lazy are you? This is a topic we talked about on the air, and we shared our stories. Here are some stories of how lazy we are:

  • I once made a giant stick out of bamboo because the remote sensor on my TV was broken. So rather than get up to change the channel, I could rest the stick between my toes and hit the button from across the room.
  • Apparently both Buzz and Joanna have just gone out and bought new underwear, rather than do laundry. But, to be completely honest, Buzz doesn't know how to do laundry.
  • Those two also put things in the microwave for 1:11, or 2:22, etc. just so they don't have to move their finger to the 0 button. I can honestly say doing this never once crossed my mind.
  • A really common one that kept popping up was people calling their kids to the living room to hand them the remote... that is just feet away on the other couch, just out of reach. THAT is some impressive laziness.

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