A recent survey found that 62% of IT workers believe that you are the biggest security threat. Not because you're an idiot, but maybe you just don't know any better. Here are some simple things you might be doing that make you a security threat.

  1. You aren't protecting your phone's lock screen. The worst of the worst is not having a password at all. If you lost your phone, anyone can get in. You should be using a 6 digit code to get into your phone. A four digit code is to simple, and the patterns are too easy to mimic. And you can usually see the finger smudge where the pattern goes.
  2. You aren't using two-step authentication. This is where you are sent a code to an email or phone number to confirm it's you trying to access a website or an app.
  3. You share too much information on social media. Lots of people use anniversaries and pet names for passwords. Lots of people also post about that stuff on social media. Be careful.
  4. You use free WiFi at places like Starbucks. If you do use free WiFi at places, look into buying a VPN subscription. This helps mask your IP address, which gives you an added layer of protection.

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