So many things from when we were young and had our futures ahead of us are gone now, things we just assumed would always be there.... Blockbusters, Gandys, Radio Shacks and yes, even our beloved Hastings. I was really sad when I heard Hastings was closing up shop here in Midland/Odessa. I mean come on people, where else are you gonna find the great stuff only Hastings had to offer?!?!? Books on Wicca, socks that look like chicken feet, black light posters, comic books... like a ton of cool shit you just can't find anywhere else.

When I heard there would be a new store making its home on the grave of the once kind of all media at first I was kinda like "OH NO YOU DIDNT!". I warmed up pretty quick when I realized it would be the same kind of store, but now that it's been open a while and I've had time to visit a few times I'm not sure what to think.

On the one hand I have to accept that it just will never be the same, there is no replacing Hastings...on the other I'm like, if this store is just a poor man's version of Hastings then how long is it gonna last?

It's ok I suppose... what do you think?

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