I have personally eaten things that I can't believe that I would and I have certainly eaten things that are certainly more heinous than a foo dI tried some time back.

Now you're asking yourself what did you eat, please tell us!  It was a fruit called he Jack Fruit.  I actually saw the Jackfruit some weeks back and through the magic of the world wide web I researched what it was all about before partaking into the unkown fruit goodness.

Here is some of the minor info I discovered, it is supposed to taste similar to Juicy Fruit gum and have a very sweet taste, I will leave this right here because the true nature of attempting eat the Jackfruit is quite an ordeal

So with that being said I went into my local grocery store bought a portion of the Jackfruit because the full fruit can weigh on average of about 10-20 pounds and at nearly a $1.50 a pound a portion makes more sense especially if you hate it!

So here's my verdict, oh wait a minute did I tell you that you have to either have a coated knife or rub coconut oil on your knife so the latex, yes I said latex, in the fruit will stick to your knife and ruin it!  So after nearly ruining a very large knife I finally got to the fruit inside, fought past the giant seeds, that you can roast, and pulled out some of the fruit and I can say this DISAPPOINTED!  The fruit was dry and sort of sweet but so not worth the work!

On Jackfruits behalf it is good for you in just about every way if you have the patience to actually want to eat one