Let me start by saying that I don't agree with the indiscriminant killing of any animal but under these circumstances I certainly understand the reasons for the permanent removal of the waterfowl in Odessa at the Memorial Gardens Park.

I have personally dealt with Geese and the amount of destruction that can be caused from these waterfowl, besides being aggressive towards humans and animals they will defecate once every seven minutes, imagine 30 geese taking a crap every 7 minutes.

For those who say relocate they will come right back and we are in West Texas where would you relocate them?  They will fly back to where they would consider there home.

I know that no one wants to necessarily euthanize the animals but honestly under the circumstances and to keep the park healthy I see no other alternatives to the problem.  Honestly does anyone want to take thirty geese and 60 ducks to their house, clip their wings, feed them and hope for the best?

It's not the most popular solution but what other choice can be made under the circumstances?  What are your thoughts?