Well folks, it looks like I’m we’re hooked on Happy little trees.  Chris and I have painted two nights in a row and I’ve even got out and purchased more brushes so there’s no stopping now.  After we got past the first try (which for one of us didn’t go so well…it was Chris) we’ve realized how much fun painting can be.  It may be an old school way of relaxing but then isn’t most of all the best ways to relax old school? Adult coloring books are popular now, yoga is ever popular, gardening…. I can’t think of one thing new aged that’s anyone’s “go-to” for relaxing and unwinding after a long day, and just so everyone knows, fidget spinners are NOT relaxing or good for stress, they’re just dumb.

However, I will say this, if you’re not smart about it this particular hobby can be extremely costly.  Good think I’m the queen of frugal.  I would recommend getting into painting with oils to anyone, I am totally in love with it, but I wouldn’t recommend spending more than you should on your supplies so I figured I would give you a cheat sheet in case you decide to become the next “Happy Little Painter”, AKA nap inducer.


First you need an easel, doesn’t necessarily matter if it’s a floor or table easel  so figure out which one is best for you.

We like the kind you can use as a floor or table top easel so we’re ordering the US Art Supply Silver 65inch Lightweight Aluminum Field Floor Table Easel with Bag (if there are two of you like there is us you can get the 2 pack for $26.96 on our Amazon Prime, which is WAY less than what you’re going to find at an art store)


Then go ahead and take care of all the easy things;

Canvass-Get the 16X20 or 16X24 two packs from Hobby Lobby for 8.99, and if that’s all you purchase that day and they aren’t already on sale, google “Hobby Lobby Coupon” use the 40% off any regular priced coupon and you’ll only end up paying $5.40.

Odorless Paint Thinner-this too you can get from Hobby Lobby, get the big container I think it’s a gallon and once again, as long as you aren’t already using it on the canvass, pull up of that 40% coupon.  The big container I got was $29.99 so after the coupon it came out to about $19.

Paper towels-any kind from anywhere.

Small to medium sized bucket, like those big ones you see in peoples garages but smaller, like the size of a medium popcorn bucket at the theater. (Don’t use the empty popcorn bucket from the theater, we’re not that cheap and it won’t work anyway)

Old clothes you don’t mind getting stained and/or an apron.


Now for the good stuff.


When  you go to purchase or order your brushes just make sure they can be used with oil paints. There are some that are multi-purpose and will have oil paint listed as a medium they can be used with and there are some that are only for oils, doesn’t matter which you decide to get.


2 inch background brush and

1 inch background brush-you can buy the actual Bob Ross licensed brushes but they are hella expensive.  I suppose you could go in to Hobby Lobby and use the coupon but I’ve been several times in the last month and they only carry a few of the brushes you need. Just look for a natural bristle 2 and 1 inch brush.

#6 Fan Brush-one that can be used with oil and natural bristle is always best.

#5 Palette Knife

#2 Script Liner-this one we’ve only used to sign the paintings so far so I bet you can get by without it for now.


Oil Paints-again you can try and buy the Bob Ross licensed paints but they are crazy expensive and most of the other ones work just as well.  Winsor & Newton is the kind we’re using and it works great.  But the big 50 ml tubes.

Here are the basic colors you will need.

Yellow Ochre

Prussian Blue

Phthalo Blue

(Phthalo Green)

Alizarin Crimson

Cadmium Yellow

Van Dyke Brown

Midnight Black

Titanium white


In the same place you find the oil paints you will find Linseed oil and you’ll need a bottle of that as well. I use it to make my own “Liquid White” that Bob uses to lightly coat the canvas with before any of the other painting starts.

There is a Bob Ross licensed color called “Liquid White” which is Bob’s own specially formulated brand of “Magic White” used by the original “Happy Painter” William Alexander.  It’s expensive so why buy that when you can just make your own.


There you have it.  Basically all you need to get started painting happy little trees with feets and friends.

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