Keeping the Dream Alive is an all new special from the Bob Ross Teacher Certification Program. You can find it on the Bob Ross YouTube channel. The host Nic Hankins is no comparison to the old familiar sounds of the man my grandmother spent so many afternoons with but he's also not too shabby. Bob Ross and his "wet-on-wet" technique have become iconic. Although, some might say Ross actually stole the technique and style of delivery from his mentor, a man named William Alexander. He had a show called The Magic of Oil Painting and also made some very colorful statements while he slapped the canvas with his high energy version of the more familiar "The Joy of Painting". It's easy to see why Ross's show was more popular. The Magic of Oil Painting can be found on YouTube if you wanna check it out and compare. Honestly I like both the shows and I'm glad to see this new version Keeping the Dream Alive.

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