I have had a really great time, up until now, laughing at Ralph The Comedian roast towns all over Texas. Now the spotlight has been shown on my own hometown.

Lufkin made his list of "Cities In Texas You Don't Wanna Visit", and he is a little harsh on L town. This is part three of his series focusing on Texas, and Lufkin got his now famous denotation "Cause There Ain't A Damn Thing To Do Dawg!".

If you are looking for fun his suggestion is just to leave town, unless you like to hunt because it is the perfect place with 400,000 acres of National Forest right in our back yard.

Lufkin Is Home To Big Foot And The Blue Bell Licker

He goes on to highlight the fact that Bigfoot might be in the vicinity, and to recount the unfortunate Blue Bell licking incident at the Lufkin Wal-Mart that started a trend on Twitter.

He lists Lufkin's hobbies as the following.

  • Cutting Grass
  • BBQing
  • Making Runs To The Store

At least he got that part right.

There Is So Much To Love About Lufkin, Texas

"You'll Love Lufkin" is our motto, and this video came right after I read a long thread on Facebook about the reasons people live in Lufkin. There were so many great stories about how they left town and got back as quickly as they could.

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There is a lot to love about Lufkin, and I am proud to be from here. Jasper, Texas is featured at the end of the video and got a much worse review.

Over 5 million people have watched this video on TikTok. See it for yourself below.

The Seven Wonders Of Lufkin

Do these all meet the criteria of a wonder of Lufkin? Decide for yourself.

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