Man, Brandon Coates steps out for ONE week...

This week's edition of The After Buzz features guest host Nico Adjemian along with Newschannel 9's Faran Fronczak and boxing champion-turned-alternative-journalist David Rodriguez. And yeah, we talked boxing and politics.

But then things got mildly interesting when Nico agreed to take a punch from a man with a record of 35 KOs (25 of which happened in the first round). All because someone in the YouTube chat dared him to. (Fast forward to the 26-minute mark if that's all you really want to see.)


But that wasn't the only thing that happened in this week's show by a long shot. We got deep into the upcoming prize fight between undefeated, 15-time world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and UFC superstar Conor McGregor. David gives his perspective on what the fight is really about and how each fighter will react. If boxing isn't your thing -- don't worry. It's not mine, either, so I started subtitling the show with what I thought everyone was thinking. You're welcome.

After tearing through that (and getting a good look at Nico's ghostly-pale legs), Nico, Faran and David get into politics in a way that almost feels like a boxing match. Then we ended the show due to Nico's internal bleeding.

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