We take watching the 'big game' seriously. And by we I mean all of us, you included. Don't lie, you plan your big game party around who has the biggest tv in your crew! No one wants to miss a minute of the action between the game, the commercials and this year OMG the halftime show! So why not watch it on the biggest screen possible? I'm talking about the big screen at Cinergy in Odessa!

Big Game on the Big Screen, this Sunday you can watch for free with your whole crew! Take the fam, the boys, your neighborhood buddies, whoever you want to take but get there early because seating is limited. Doors open at 5 but if you want to get there even earlier you definitely can. Make a whole day of it.


  • $299 plus tax and this includes your very own private auditorium rental, a pizza buffet with salad and sodas for up to 20 people
  • how about the 'superbowling package'-$149 plus tax-you can watch the big game from your personal bowling lane, get shoes for up to 6 people and a $50 Fun Card

Go big or go home right? Maybe this is the year you treat your big game crew to something cool and different! This offer is available at both Midland and Odessa Cinergy locations. For more details and to book 1 of these packages check out Cinergy's website.

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