The Walking Dead only dabbles in the occasional easter egg hunt (or in some cases, we just tear the whole thing down looking for Glenn), but one recent theory saw Negan’s men potentially given some serious background game. Well, don’t believe everything you see, as a cast member confirms that a distant car spied in the shot wasn’t anything of significance.

You’re warned of minor spoilers through the recent 2016 premiere “No Way Out,” but an eagle-eyed fan spotted something of interest in the final moments before Daryl blew up Negan’s men with a rocket launcher. Notably, a small white car can be seen entering frame in the background just moments before the explosion:

Waste not, want not, many began to speculate the car might have contained additional Saviors, perhaps even Negan himself, potentially explaining their knowledge of the main group’s fate, and placing a target on Daryl’s back. Others dismissed the car as a simple background error, too small to be intentional or corrected, while the sneeriest of Saviors himself, Christopher Berry dismissed the appearance in a Reddit AMA session:

Yeah, I read something about that earlier today. To be honest I have no clue.

Granted, Walking Dead stars aren’t historically forthcoming, and Berry isn’t privy to all intentional foreshadowing, one imagines he’d have some knowledge of the car during shooting, to reset its arrival between takes.

In any case, there are plenty of crazy theories to trade as Season 6 continues along its back half, including for Sunday’s coming “The Next World.”

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