A concerned parents group has called for a boycott of The Walking Dead for what they say is a clear case of glamorizing teen suicide.

“There’s no mistaking it”, said group president Marjareen Vickman , “Carl shooting himself was portrayed as a positive thing”. Mrs. Vickman is the president and sole member of the group Caring Adults Resisting Revolting Representations in Role-playing and Live-action …or, C.A.R.R.R.L.

“We here at C.A.R.R.R.L. have a simple motto”, explains Vickman. “Teen Suicide is wrong even if you’re about to turn into a zombie and feast on the flesh of your dad, his interracial love interest and your baby sister”.

In the season premiere this past Sunday, Carl Grimes (played by young actor Chandler Riggs) chooses to shoot himself to save his father and his friend from having to do it.

Vickman also says that beginning on the first of April, she would be traveling across the country to speak to students about not taking what she calls, “The Carl’s Way Out”. Vickman says that her message can be summed up in a simple rhyme: “Better to be a Eugene than a suicide teen”.

In addition to talking to students, Vickman is urging parents to switch off The Walking Dead and watch something else. You can also do your part in stopping this misrepresentation by calling 1-844-305-6210, to express your concern for zombie lives.

“IZombie on the CW is a show we at C.A.R.R.R.L. approve of. It shows that a young person can become a zombie and still figure out a way to lead a fulfilling life.” And Vickman has another rhyme to promote her boycott: “Dump the Walking Dead; Watch the Cee Dub and IZombie instead”.

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