Horses! Tall buildings! Sword fights! Wrist knife fights! Taller buildings! Time travel (kinda)! The upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie has it all, and 20th Century Fox invites us into the world of the assassins in a new featurette. From what we’ve heard about production, the behind-the-scenes bonus features on this DVD/Blu-ray are going to be nuts: the stuntwork alone is worth a movie all on its own.

It the featurette, we hear Michael Fassbender (who plays Callum Lynch, the man who’s sent back in time into the body of his assassin ancestor) describing the crazy amount of work the cast and crew have gone though in order to make this movie about parkour assassins a reality. “The Assassin’s Creed universe just seemed like something that would lend itself nicely to a cinematic experience,” he says at the beginning of the video. Truly, even for a video game, Assassin’s Creed has some stunning visuals and a pretty interesting story.

Director Justin Kurzel says that he wanted the movie “to be an unbelievable ride mixed with these exotic worlds” that leads the audience into stunning, “dynamic” action sequences and an “immersive experience.”

Fassbender also praised Kurzel’s desire to have it look as real as he could: “In an era where there’s a lot of CGI, we wanted to have as much old-school real location shoots as possible.” He said that the parkour was very important, as “the fans are going to be looking for that.” The crew was so devoted to doing the stunts justice, that actual bones were broken by stars and stuntmen alike during production.

Assassin’s Creed hits theaters December 21.