Former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent has announced his first concert appearance in 30 years.

He’ll play an acoustic set on Dec. 7 in the 464-seat theater of the Guest House at Graceland hotel in Memphis, Tenn. The show will feature music from his time in Kiss and the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, along with some spoken-word pieces. Former Journey and Vinnie Vincent Invasion singer Robert Fleischman will make a special guest appearance. Tickets went on sale today, with prices ranging from $68 to $150. Separately, for $199 you can attend a meet & greet with Vincent earlier that same day.

Vincent had previously spoken about a planned return for the Invasion, though he later backtracked slightly to say talks were to take place "soon." SleazeRoxx reported that the acoustic nature of the show could be down to singer Robert Fleischman’s doubt that he could pull off a full-electric performance.

“I know a lot of people would want the whole electric version," he said earlier this year. "You really have to put it together for something like that, because once you go that route, everyone’s critical coat comes on. … I can’t run as fast as I could then, I don’t fit in the same pants. To expect me to just go up there and wail, I just don’t see myself doing that. I could do some songs but [others] I probably couldn’t do because I’m an old guy now.”

Vincent's last show was with Vinnie Vincent Invasion was on Aug. 25, 1988. Over the past months, he made some public appearances again, first at a Kiss Expo then later with former bandmate Gene Simmons.

“I've been talking to promoters, and they want to get Vinnie on the shred circuit again," he said earlier this year. "We're looking at hopefully January, February, March. It's taking a while, but we're getting everything in order and ready to rock. I'm looking forward to it." He also previously said he was working on his autobiography, which would go into “uncomfortable depth” about his past.

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