The Australia Post has responded to criticism from fans after a set of collectible stamps intended to celebrate AC/DC’s achievements featured album covers that had never been used in their home country.

The service claimed that the reproductions of the American artwork for High Voltage and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – not to mention the ’74 Jailbreak EP, which wasn’t released Down Under – had, in fact, been deliberate. A spokesperson told Music Feeds that the $23 stamp pack “reflect the biggest-selling AC/DC albums worldwide” and added: “We’re thrilled to showcase this terrific achievement with AC/DC.”

Comedian and broadcaster Wil Anderson blamed the country’s prime minister, pointing out that Malcolm Turnbull had been asked to name his favorite AC/DC tracks on a radio show, and couldn’t name any. “I think they should be called un-Australian Post. … This is absolutely disgraceful,” Anderson said on Australia's Triple M radio network. “No wonder Australia Post can’t put AC/DC albums correctly on, when the man in charge of our country knows so little about AC/DC and Australian music.”

Noise11 also voiced fans' anger by saying: "Australia Post’s money grab of an Australia music heritage is bad, very bad. But who authorized this at the AC/DC end? It sounds like corporate greed at both ends.”

Meanwhile, the band's future remains in doubt, although speculation has circulated that Angus Young is writing new material with singer Axl Rose in mind.

Rock Star Postage Stamps

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