On Wednesday June 22nd, I had the distinct honor of sitting down with the on and only Vinnie Paul of HellYeah and formerly of Pantera and we discussed no only the new release from Hellyeah, his chain of Adult Nightclubs, his sports bar.

How the current tour has been and the tragedy in Orlando, all of this in advance of the evenings show.  I have to say that after my visit with Vinnie, both on and off air, he is a true class act and suffice it to say an amazing drummer.


My suggestion to you is that you take the time catch Hellyeah on the road this Summer whether it be on the Hellpop Tour or on any other date they may have in a town near you.


Hellyeah will rock your face off with an intensity of a freight train on fire!  So for your listening enjoyment I hope you take the time and listen to my time with Vinnie Paul in the studio.


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