Everyone loves a good swim-up bar! You don't have to get out to buy your drinks and you can simply relax in the water while you smash through margaritas with your pals. It's a perfect summer day, right?


Apparently, when you are hanging in a pool with a swim-up bar, you are also very likely hanging out in a whole lotta someone else's pee. Not cool. It sort of makes sense, because when you start drinking at a regular indoor bar with your pals, you find yourself making several trips to the bathroom to relieve yourself...but...if you are already sitting in the water, in a chlorinated pool? Well, you might just have yourself a wee and not say anything at all. You may not think you are doing any harm, but you actually are.

A recent study shows that the average pool could have up to 20 gallons of urine in it at any given time. 20 gallons! Holy moly! If you think you are the only person to make a sneaky potty in the pool, you are totally wrong. People around you are doing it too, and chlorine isn't enough to keep the water clean. In fact, peeing in the pool lessens the effects that chlorine has on the actual bad germs in there that could make you really sick.

I don't mean to ruin your summer plans, trust me. I'm also starting to reconsider how much fun swim-up pools actually are. Will I ever get in one again? Probably. Will I ever forget just how much wee-wee is in there? Not likely. Lord have mercy, please don't splash me in the face or dunk me under the water. I might lose it.

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