Cinco De Mayo crept up on us this year guys! As always we suggest the celebration of any holiday to be done so with responsibility and safety in mind. If you plan on celebrating make sure if there's drinking involved to always have a designated driver or a plan to call for an Uber. If you're celebrating at home with a gathering of sorts make sure guests know they need to have a designated driver and/or an Uber at the end of the night.

We've all seen more than our share of stories in the news about how wrong a night of drinking and driving can go.

More popular in the U.S. than in Mexico, Cinco De Mayo is the celebration of the Mexican victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862.  The celebration actually started in California in 1863 and have been observed since annually.  Cinco De Mayo beer sales are on par with the Super Bowl since the holiday gained nationwide popularity in the 1980's  beyond Mexican-American heritage due to advertising campaigns by beer, wine and tequila companies.

The celebration isn't near as a big to do in Mexico as it is here in the states. Meanwhile in the U.S. we celebrate the 5th of May with parties, festivals, parades, concerts and all around celebration and libations. There are plenty of Cinco De Mayo happening in the area and often times the celebrations last well into the weekend. Again and as always, we urge you to be safe and behave responsibly so that you can see many more years of Cinco De Mayo celebrations.

Here is a link to a list of Midland/Odessa Cinco De Mayo happenings.

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