The flags have been placed at Memorial Gardens Park in Odessa. The flags are up in honor of thousands of Americans who lost their lives in the attack and to honor first responders.
The 20th Anniversary of 9-11 is this Saturday September 11, 2021. There will be lots of memorials and events across our nation to remember and honor the victims of that fateful day. CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO
Here is the link to the video.

It is awesome to see our community have memorials like the flags at Memorial Gardens Park. There is nothing like 'actually' walking thru the path at Memorial Gardens Park with all the flags. If you have a chance, I recommend walking through and reflecting on that day.

Were you a kid when 9-11 happened? Were you an adult? Were you even born when the attacks happened? However you answer those questions may also be how you reflect on 9-11. Many people have different memories and feeling about that date back when.

One thing is for sure, every year on 9-11 we pause as a nation of people to reflect on this day.

I remember doing the morning show on September 11, 2001. It was Leo and J-Pat here in the Permian Basin on B93.  That day we were doing what we always did on the radio, trying to entertain and have a good time on the radio. Back then, we had a TV set up in the corner of the wall hanging from the ceiling.   We had just done a  radio break on the radio when a co-worker came in and said you might want to put the TV on CNN because something crazy is happening in New York. So, we switched the TV to CNN and saw that the 1st tower was 'smoking' and on fire. No one was sure what was happening.

As we continued to watch CNN, that's when we saw the 2nd plane crash into the 2nd tower LIVE ON TV! From that moment on, nothing has ever been the same.  Needless to say when we went back on the radio, our show had instantly changed into trying to figure out what was going on and trying to get all the info out on the radio as info was coming in.  It was one of the most scary days I can remember having as an adult.

As I walked through the flags at Memorial Garden Park in Odessa, those memories and feelings all came back but so did the feelings of patriotism, family, remembrance and nation.

The flags will remain up at the park through September 20.

Memorial Gardens Park in Odessa is located  at 4730 E 42nd St, Odessa, TX 79762

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