Netflix had decided to reboot a show so near and dear to my heart that even though the thought of watching more episodes makes me squeal like child, the thought of it being ruined by unmet promises is enough for me to kinda wanna boycott it. Unsolved Mysteries is being rebooted by Netflix with the help of the original creators, Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove. The executive producer from Stranger Things, Shawn Levy and his company, 21 Laps Entertainment is co-producing so there’s a chance at the very least it won’t totally ruin yet another of my beloved childhood shows. I just don’t realistically see how they could ever recapture all the things that came together so perfect to make this show the kind of show that was nominated for sex Emmy Awards and churned out stars like Matthew McConaughey. Yeah, did you know that Matthew McConaughey’s first professional gig was a part on Unsolved Mysteries as a shirtless murder victim? The episode was “They got the guy”, if you wanna look it up. This iconic television series that had 14 seasons and 581 episodes of the first-of-its-kind mystery docuseries. It covered more than 1,000 cases with half of them getting solved as a direct result of the show and it reunited more than 100 separated families. The reboot will have 12, one hour long episodes that will cover just one case per episode and is set to premier possibly in late 2019 or early 2020. No word yet on a host. I’m going to be super disappointed if Netflix screws this up
P.S. the tip line has remained active since the show stopped airing on television in 2010 so that viewers can still call in tips and “be the one to solve a mystery”.

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