If you went to college or were poor or just like cheap oriental noodles, Top Ramen is a very familiar brand to you. I can remember when I moved in to my first apartment my roommate and I had 5 boxes of bulk top ramen in our pantry the first day we moved in and of the 2 years we lived there it was the most food we ever had in the apartment. To this day every now and then I might give in and indulge in a bowl of ramen. You have to admit that stuff is so cheap! You can't beat 30 cents for a meal. For all you uber Top Ramen Fans out there now you can show how much you love your cheap noodles with some Top Ram swag but unlike the noodles the merch ain't cheap. The Top Ramen costume is $60 bucks and a hat will run ya $25! Yikes!

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