I love to karaoke.  I realize, however, that not everyone does.  Not only do I love to participate but the best part of night (if you're lucky) is being in the audience when someone really kills it on stage, and that doesn't always mean that they hit every note and sang every word perfectly. Oh, no...My favorite song is the song sung with reckless abandon.  In fact I personally think that there are some songs that better sung poorly.  So here are my picks for karaoke songs that are better when they're sung poorly.

White Wedding-Billy Idol

Doc sings this and sings it very well but I’ve heard it sung at all levels of experience and it sounds good whether you’re just drunk and feel’n yourself of auditioning for American Idol


It’s Raining Men-The Weather Girls

There’s a lot of just sassy talking in this song so you can really muddle through it and it doesn’t sound any different


Love Shack-B52’s

This song is so much fun to sing and to listen to you really can’t go wrong with it on Karaoke night


Summer Lovin-(from Grease) John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

Just like Love Shack, it’s a partner song that as long as you’re having fun and trying to read the words you’re gonna be fine


500 Miles-The Proclaimers

If I’m being honest I really prefer to hear this sung poorly by men, not to say that I don’t enjoy a female version but if you can get yourself a group of dudes together, get em liquored up enough and throw them on stage with this songs and some microphones I promise you’re in for a treat



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