As we prepare for the Big Purple Party, Papa Roach's Tobin Esperance took some time to call into the Midday Meltdown to talk about the band's new album, "Gravity" music video and performing live.

When asked about how touring was going, Tobin said:

"We've got some surprises," said Tobin in regard to the band's upcoming arena tour in September with Five Finger Death Punch.

Tobin also shared his thoughts about performing the band's new material live.

"We are finally unleashing a caged animal that's been locked up," he said.

I know that we stoked to see the return of Papa Roach and we know that they bring a serious live performance for all of us.

May 26 is set for the Big Purple Party, and we are ready for a memorable throwdown with Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, In This Moment, All That Remains, We Are Harlot, Crobot, Upon A Burning Body and Sons of Texas.