When will get a new Papa Roach album? That remains to be seen, but it looks as though the guys are getting closer, as they just released another new song. The track, called "Help," can be heard in the player above.

Papa Roach have never been ones to shy away from channeling personal struggles into their music and they've connected with many fans over the years by putting their triumphs and tragedies into song form. The new track "Help" feels like another personal track that's likely to once again make a personal connection with listeners.

"I think I need help / I'm drowning in my self" belts singer Jacoby Shaddix before the musical accompaniment really kicks in. Once it does, there's a bit of guitar and synth-driven heaviness, before the bass-driven verse begins. But it's the instantly catchy chorus that really hooks in the listener, as Shaddix sings about coming to terms with the fact that he's gone through hell.

“Help,” was produced by Nicholas “Ras” Furlong and Colin Brittian, who grew up listening to Papa Roach and inspired the band to revisit some of their early influences.  “We really followed our instincts and tried something unproven,” explains Furlong.  “We ended up morphing the band’s best ‘old school’ traits into a courageous and more adventurous version of Papa Roach in the 21st Century.” Lyrically the new offering, touches on the personal, yet relatable, theme that surrounds the universal struggle of surviving mental health issues.

"Help" follows on the heels of "Crooked Teeth," a new track the band began working into their sets late last year. Papa Roach started working on their ninth studio album in 2016, launching a PledgeMusic campaign where fans could not only get their orders in early for the disc but also receive updates as the band recorded. An official title has yet to be announced, but the disc now has a target date of May. Papa Roach have also started booking extended touring beginning in April and well into the month of May. See all of their tour dates here.

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