Remember when Tim Burton directed and put out good movies? I do. But it was a long damn time ago. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure? Great. Bettlejuice? Amazing movie. Batman? Bat-tastic!

His shtick has gotten old though. I saw Dumbo over the weekend, and it was a huge resounding... meh. Burton's style has been a trademark in his career. But it's tiring at this point. It feels like he has to spend so much time on the style and visuals of a movie that he forgets he's actually suppose to be telling a story.

As I look back at the movies that Burton has directed, the last good movie I can see is Mars Attacks!, and that was all the way back in 1996. The rest of the list is mediocre at best.


Dumbo was laborious to watch. The vast majority of the movie is depressing, and Burton's style becomes so obnoxious, it's just about the only thing you can focus on.

So in case it wasn't clear enough, if you haven't seen Dumbo yet, pass on it. These Disney live action remakes are trending in the wrong direction.

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