Joker (screenshot)
Sleepy Hollow (screenshot)
The Crow (screenshot)
Ghostbusters (screenshot)
Halloween (screenshot)
Stranger Things (screenshot)
Edward Scissorhands (screenshot)
André Santos
Jason (screenshot)

These are on a list of works I plan to recreate but I'm thinking of doing some original too.

Basically you take an element, scene, character, quote ect...from the subject matter, and make is the focus of the painting. You're making it iconic sorta. I'm not sure how to explain it. The thing is I'm only interested in subject matter that's somewhat dark, like horror movies and shows, Disney animated films (the original ones), dark comic book characters, True Crime stuff...Icon stuff mostly, lots of Tim Burton stuff.

I'm not good, let's get that out on the table right now. So if you make a suggestion and I pick it don't expect to get some highly valuable piece of art lol! Let's just have fun!

At some point I hope I'll be able to do commissioned work but for now you all are my Guinea pigs.