"The finger." With one simple motion, you're telling people what you think of them without having to utter any foul-mouthed verbiage.

But sometimes the finger isn't quite enough for expressing your disgust and disdain. Fortunately, YouTuber Chris Bukowski is here to help by showing more is definitely better. And he doesn't just double-fist fingers -- he explains how to give three middle fingers.

America was built on this kind of innovation and know-how. It's like "The Greatest Generation" has been reborn with this. Guy in a bar swipes your stool while you're in the john? Give him three fingers. Your favorite player drops an easy pass and then looks in your direction in despair? Give him three fingers. Cross-eyed person does anything to tick you off? Give him three fingers so he thinks he's seeing six fingers.

This is America, dammit. Our actions speak louder than words, especially when we don't have the sack to say those words, choosing new and clever ways to impart the message, instead.

While you marvel at just how great we are, take a look some other memorable (NSFW) finger-giving moments in history.

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