Photos, taken in 2014, showcasing the Maryland home of Republican presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson were recently published by The Guardian, and among the bizarre furnishings of Carson's Upperco home was this badass painting of the surgeon and Jesus:

I'm not sure what my favorite part of this painting is. Maybe it's that Carson looks a lot like Billy Ocean. Or that in Carson's mind, his relationship with the son of God is on the "spend a day at the spa" level, as evident by Jesus' casual robe. Why does it look like Jesus is begging for change? We may never know the answers to the myriad of questions raised by this painting, but like all great pieces of art, perhaps it's the mystery of it that makes it so timeless.

As if this commissioned painting isn't great enough on it's own, check out this Bible verse Carson had etched into his home. Poverbs is such a great book. I forget, does that one come before or after Proverbs?

The rest of Carson's home features framed photos of him and memorabilia from his career encased in glass. Very chill. You can check out those photos here.

In the meantime, I'm going to be eagerly checking my mail for this Carson/Jesus mug I ordered myself as a gift:

Carson Jesus Mug

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