Sunday’s penultimate Walking Dead Season 6 installment may have ended on a frustrating cliffhanger, but next weeks’ finale may tear fandom asunder. We have our first clip of the Season 6 closer as well, in which Morgan makes a new friend, but could be facing his “Last Day on Earth.”

Our first look at next Sunday’s 90-minute finale sees Morgan catching up to that horse teased during his and Rick’s pursuit of Carol, but no sign of the mystery man who’d first mentioned it. In the meantime, the lone savior picking up Carol’s rosary seems to be in hot pursuit, while the clip’s cryptic first moments also seem to reprise that whistle we saw Dwight and the other Saviors exchange in the forest.

While we gear up for the finale, so reads the “Last Day on Earth” synopsis:

To save one of their own, Rick’s group must venture outside the walls; their experience changes their lives forever.

Well, “East” pointed to at least four members of the group in serious jeopardy, but who might truly live their “Last Day on Earth” in next week’s finale? Check out the first clip above, as well as the Negan-teasing promo below, and stay tuned for more on next Sunday’s Walking Dead Season 6 finale.

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