Getting to learn more about Michonne has been something The Walking Dead fans have wanted for years. With Telltale Games putting her front and center for her own mini-series, we'd finally have a chance to not only get to know more about Michonne, but we'd also be in her shoes the whole time. Thought the first episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne didn't exactly open the floodgates of new details or information, there were hints of promise in Telltale's adventure. The upcoming second episode looks to ramp things up even more, and will hopefully delve a bit deeper into the sword-slinging bad-ass' motivations.

Things did not go so well for Michonne in the previous episode. After departing Alexandria while no one was paying attention, she hopped aboard Pete's ship for the south. While out searching for supplies, the group was ambushed by some not-so-nice-folks, putting Michonne's plan to search for her missing daughters on hold. This group doesn't have the best intentions, at least through Michonne's eyes, so it's not long until she scrapes together a plan to escape. Judging by the trailer for this second episode, it looks like those plans go to sh-- really quickly.

It appears this second episode will have a lot more action than the previous chapter, though given just how much of the excitement is potentially given away by the footage, I wonder just how early on all of this happens. I do like the idea of Michonne finding another set of zombies to neuter and chain up. I'll be curious to see just how long she keeps them around, and how much help they are when she's traveling with a larger group of survivors and not just by herself.

Most importantly however, I'm hoping this episode adds a little more narrative depth. The first episode was a little light on new material, and was stuck in familiar Walking Dead habits. If this second chapter picks things up, it'll have made the been there, done that intro a little easier to stomach. With there only being three episodes to this story though, things need to pick up quickly in order for any of this to have mattered.

The Walking Dead: Michonne, Episode Two - "Give No Shelter" will be available on March 29 for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and mobile platforms.


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