Guess who works at an oil and gas company and knows the real reason we don't have to worry about gas shortages?  This girl.

Now, if were all done freaking out? (Can't judge totally topped my tank off at lunch just sayn)

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Can we please stop acting like a heard of sheeple for a moment and behave like the proud West Texans most of us are?  Our area is freaking out and lining up at the pumps creating a problem that didn’t exist until we decided it needed to.  How are all these people from around here overlooking the fact that we get most of our gas from Big Springs?  I mean you guys know that right? I'm not a gas shortage analyst but as far as I know there is absolutely no need to rush out and fill up on gas.  Even if the heard of sheeple wipe the stations out it won’t take long for the next truck to arrive with more from the town we’ve always gotten it from.  That’s right, it’s not like there’s a shortage and now we have to beg like peasants for the Big Springs refinery to have mercy on us and send us some manna gas from heaven.  You know how I know? Not because I work for an oil and gas company, it's because I’m from here. All that aside, like I said earlier I sure did stop at lunch and top my tank off lol!

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