It's amazing how information has changed since the Internet. Old wives tales are busted on a daily basis. Strange facts are proven every day. Well, here is a thread from AskReddit that asked this very question. What sounds completely false, but in fact, is true.

  • In the state of Maine, there are more black bears than black people - CorsoRentalCar
  • After the inclusion of 3 point seatbelts, emergency room visits from cars crashes went up exponentially. The result of people getting injured rather than dying in car crashes. - ColeKeys
  • Pigeons are one of three milk producing birds - PigeonFacts
  • Ireland is the 2nd biggest exporter of bananas in Europe. Edit: I was told they were 1st by a professor but they are actually 2nd after Iceland - FMacLo
  • Your brain doesn't tell you to breathe based on low oxygen but based on high carbon dioxide levels - DogManDooDoo
  • Sherlock Holmes has never said "Elementary, my dear Watson" in any of the 56 short stories or 4 novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. - khalamar
  • Antarctica is a desert - Name400
  • Nintendo was founded in 1889 - ComboOfWombo
  • If you take away all the goals he made, Gretzky would still have the most points scored in NHL history - MozeeToby
  • A 17-inch pizza offers more pizza than two 12-inch pizzas - huazzy

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