I've heard Doc talking about this for the last, geez, more than a month or so... apparently there's a brand new comic series coming out as a sort of continuation or alternate ending as it were, of the teenager mutant ninja turtles.  The storyline is said to be much dark than what we, mainstream consumers, are used to.  According to Hitc.com the series is set to release August 19th.  So far there's only going to be 5 issues of this stand alone series but one can hope for more if the first five go over really well right? I know Doc is super excited so I'm going to try and score them as soon as they come out. He says the series is completely different and way darker considering it has something to do with only one of the turtles being the focus of the series...why? Because he's the only one left alive...I know, intrigued now aren't you?! Not only is there one sole survivor left but we don't know which one. Will you be reading August 19th? I know I will.

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