It's football season in West Texas, so you know that mean one special Friday night of the season will be homecoming, where alumni come back to their hometowns to celebrate and the senior class crowns a queen. There is one other thing that is a staple of homecoming and that is the mum. Did you know that mums are typically only worn in Texas. The tradition of wearing a mum has spread into some parts Louisiana and Oklahoma, but it's mainly a Texas thing, however it did not originate in Texas

According to Texas Highways  the first mums were worn at homecoming game in  Missouri in 1911. It was considered a token of affection. The tradition of wearing chrysanthemums did not become popular in Texas until the 1930's.  In the 1950's and 60's the average cost of a mum was $3. Now they can cost up to $200 or more. The Chrysanthemums, later shortened to "MUMS" went from a real fresh flower to an artificial flower.

Early on the mum was a simple chrysanthemum with a few ribbons. Over the years they have grown bigger and bigger. Some mums will have more than one flower, some will have one flower on the front and another flower over the shoulder. You will also now see mums with not just a few ribbons but tons, and braids, and stuffed animals, and different trinkets. I remember adding bells to mine.

Of course the guys couldn't be left out, since the guys would give girls a mum the girls will give the boys garters.

I miss those days of getting a mum. Just like anything else, it was always who had the biggest or the prettiest or the best. It is so crazy how wild mums can get for homecoming. Sometimes mums weigh more than the girl wearing them.  I want to see pics of your mums. Share them with me. 


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