Could it finally be? According to Tool’s official website, Maynard James Keenan has begun working on vocals for the band’s elusive fifth studio album.

It’s been over a decade since 10,000 Days was released, leaving Tool fanatics with an empty void. “Where’s the new album?!?” has been the mating call of the Tool fan for years and after a series of minuscule updates, there’s actually something reassuring to report!

Tool’s webmaster gave fans the big update yesterday (Feb. 16):

In speaking with Danny [Carey, drums] last night, he told me that the band has temporarily MOVED some of their gear into a larger space (across town) where MAYNARD is working on VOCALS for some of the new Tool material. I'm sure that he has already been doing this to some extent, but now he has more room to breathe and a better vocal booth.

In one of Keenan’s most recent interviews, he spoke about the process of making music for his various projects. “For some I see a plan and for others, I just see roadblocks,” Keenan divulged. “I can’t say [which one has the roadblocks]. Respect.” This quote made Tool fans a little uneasy, but relax, everyone! Vocals are being worked on!

Stay tuned for more Tool album updates as news breaks!

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