On this week's After Buzz I cover the following:

  • Just how much fun it was to do the Bird Box Bird Boxing Challenge. And yes, I totally kicked Buzz's ass.
  • I get into a story about an interaction with a listener this week and talk about confirmation bias.
    • If you aren't familiar with it, just head HERE to find out all about confirmation bias.
    • And I'm asking you, nicely, almost begging you, please... understand what confirmation bias is and don't let it get to you. Go into a topic, discussion, anything, with an open mind.
  • I have a couple funny Steve Irwin stories. Well funny, if you aren't overly sensitive.
    • I also talk about how I frequently don't have tact.
  • And to wrap things up, I cover the NFL playoffs and make my picks.
    • Yes, I'm going with the top seeds in both conferences.
      • New Orleans Saints
      • Kansas City Chiefs
        • Yes, I know I'm a Patriots fan, but some stats are difficult to get by, and the big one is the Patriots were AWFUL on the road this season. Just 3 and 5.

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