Jim Breuer is in town to perform and he was nice enough to sit in on this week's After Buzz. Here's what we got a chance to talk about:

  • Jim doesn't watch TV or follow the news. Well, sort of. He does watch some TV, but it's when he's on an airplane and there's not much else to do.
    • He does love Below Deck. A show about yachts and the crews that work on them.
  • He tells some Saturday Night Live stories and how he never really watched the show, but after he became a cast member he would watch reruns with guys like Chris Farley and Dana Carvey.

Make sure you head on over to YouTube so you can subscribe to the channel, hit the bell to get notifications, and like the video. Jim did say once we went off the air that he wasn't sure he had ever gone so "deep and serious" in an interview before. Enjoy!

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