The storefront is pretty dope

This last Field Trip Friday was awesome! Not only did I take picture of the Martin County Convent but I found some other stuff too! Plus I'll be heading back to Stanton TX real soon to snag pictures of a sweet looking old abandoned farmhouse I spotted from the road on the way there.

Back to business. On my way to the convent as I was driving down St. Joseph's street among a few other interesting finds I noticed (or rather gave a double take to) the coolest looking store front ever! Maybe I was hungry or maybe it was the scary, cute cupcake monster, either way I had to stop in before I left and I'm glad I did cause DAYUM! They stay pretty busy during the day so they were wiped out when I got there but I did manage to snag a brownie and two of the cutest cupcakes. Although I wish wouldn't have because now I'm going to be making regular trips to Stanton to satisfy my brownie cravings! So, so, so good guys! All there info can be found here on their Facebook page. Tell them Tawny sent you!

Give them a call!
Doesn't the rose look like it could be growing in a garden somewhere?!